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Low Cost Car Insurance since 1997, Illinois State Insurance has specialized in all facets of Auto Insurance in Chicago and throughout the Illinois. We represent many Insurance Companies which ensures that you’ll get competitive pricing, cheap rates and a greater selection to guarantee individualized coverage.

SR-22 Insurance

SR22 Insurance for all Illinois drivers is available online and in any of our locations. Simply check the box that you require an SR-22 (Financial Responsibility) while getting your online quote. Illinois State Insurance will reinstate your driving privileges faster than other agency online.

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Waukegan, Illinois Auto Insurance Online

Researching Waukegan, Illinois auto insurance online is a good approach to save money. If you are searching for low rates on auto insurance you can go to an auto insurance website and ask for an online quote. There are a large number of websites offering this service today. This has encouraged auto insurance companies to […]


No License Or Suspended Insurance

Do you own or drive a car in the state of Illinois? If so then having car insurance is imperative. Among the factors you must desist from while driving in this state includes having no license or suspended insurance. These two factors among others are essential for any car owner and driver within the state. […]


Mundelein Auto Insurance Tips

Mundelein auto insurance is required by law and easy to apply for. It is still one of the best investments a person can think of. What are the benefits of getting auto insurance in Mundelein? There are a number of benefits that people get when they get their very own Mundelein, Illinois auto insurance. One […]


5 Benefits Of Auto Insurance

The law requires every car owner to have an auto insurance policy. We obviously know that it’s the first thing the traffic department are interested in checking. But have you thought about it is importance? Few will answer yes. A car insurance goes long way to protect your health, your car and also your money. […]


Palatine, Illinois Auto Insurance

Insurance coverage is one thing that can cushion you from unexpected risk. Today, there are many insurance companies offering different kinds of insurance in different areas. What these companies do is assess the kind of a risk that people in a certain field have, the frequency of its occurrence, and then formulate the policy they […]


Everything You Need To Know About SR22 Insurance

You need SR 22 insurance if you have been found guilty of driving without liability insurance, or you have violated certain driving offenses. These driving offenses include DUI/DWI, having multiple tickets in a short time, or having a suspended license. The SR 22 is not actually car insurance. It is a document that shows that […]


Facts About Non Owners Insurance

Sometimes people find they require a car insurance coverage even when they do not own a car. If you are among these individuals that still drive around in rented or borrowed cars, acquiring non-owner insurance should be your top priority. It is advisable that you obtain this form of insurance coverage as it will provide […]


Reduce Your DUI Car Insurance Payments

Dui car insurance can be very expensive. As a way of reducing your auto insurance rates you need to make sure you try to qualify for several insurance discounts as possible. Below are five ways you can reduce the insurance payments. 1. Improve your driving skills. The most effective way to minimize the car insurance […]


Getting The Best Auto Insurance Quotes

Having a car is one of the most satisfying things in life. However, if you don’t protect your asset, you may lose it before reaping the benefits. Getting auto insurance is the best way to protect your vehicle from risks such as theft, accidents and other damages. Getting a good insurance quote can be challenging […]


Looking For Stone Park Illinois Auto Insurance?

Finding the best Stone Park, Illinois auto insurance is one of the things that can help you to enjoy driving your car. This is because it assures you all your risks are covered. However, you need to know that unless you understand some of the things that need to be considered, you will not find […]


Getting Better Auto Insurance Rates

We are all looking to save money anywhere we can. This certainly applies to car insurance as well. If you are in the market for a new car you need insured, or just tips on getting better auto insurance rates, read on! 1. Financing? If you are financing your vehicle the finance company may have […]


Buying Palatine Auto Insurance

Buying a car is the second largest investment you will make during your life time. You should therefore protect your car by getting the best insurance coverage. Buying Palatine auto insurance may seem like an easy task to carry out. However, you should always remember that all insurance companies want to maximize their profits. This […]


Benefits Of Mundelein Auto Insurance

When you look at the components of car insurance like, bodily injury liability, medical coverage, and property damage liability, you will understand why you need to consider Mundelein car insurance. Everyone in Mundelein benefits from auto insurance. The economic security and responsibility of payments in case of accidents are the major benefits of Mundelein auto […]


Important Stone Park Auto Insurance Facts

Seeking the services of the right Stone Park auto insurance company for a vehicle is an important investment decision every car owner must make. Therefore, you have to analyze all crucial factors which may affect either directly or indirectly the cost of insurance and the reliability of the insurance company. Some of these basic factors […]


Waukegan Auto Insurance: Types Of Insurance Offered

In this article we will look at Waukegan auto insurance. All vehicle owners are required to have car insurance. There are several types of car insurance in the U.S. Some of theses are mandatory in most states while others are not mandatory. There are generally four types of car insurance covers offered in Waukegan. 1. […]


Effects Of A DUI On Your Insurance Premiums And Life In General

DUI is an acronym that is used for driving under the influence. Today it is considered as one of the biggest single factors endangering the lives of motorist today. Statistics are shocking in America alone with an estimated 1.4 million US citizen arrested for DUI every year. In addition, 45 billion dollars worth of damages […]


Why Have A Non-Owners Insurance Policy

A non-owner car insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to insure individuals who do not drive very often. It is for people who have no ownership of the car they drive. Individuals who rent or borrow cars are best suited for this kind of insurance. This policy primarily covers protection against liabilities in […]


Car Insurance Terms You May Never Hear About

The world of insurance can be a really tricky one. There are so many things you have to be conversant with if you want to understand any insurance coverage you take. Even trickier is vehicle insurance. However, this all depends on how you want to look at it. There are some simple rules that you […]


Save On Auto Insurance

Do you feel like auto insurance is putting a massive dent on your financials? So true, auto insurance can attract hefty premiums if you go about it the wrong way. To help you save on auto insurance we have come up with a few tips. Shop Around & Shop Early There are numerous insurance companies […]


Car Insurance With No License Or A Suspended License

There are many reasons why your governing state might suspend a driver’s license. However, depending on the reasons for the suspension of the driver’s license, you still might be able to get an auto insurance coverage for the vehicle. Some of the reasons for the suspension of the driver’s license are: Charges for reckless driving. […]



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