Buying Palatine Auto Insurance

Buying a car is the second largest investment you will make during your life time. You should therefore protect your car by getting the best insurance coverage. Buying Palatine auto insurance may seem like an easy task to carry out. However, you should always remember that all insurance companies want to maximize their profits. This means that you should read and understand each and every word in your policy document.

When buying auto insurance in Palatine you should know the minimum insurance limits of Illinois. This is very important since it determines the least amount that you can claim. Before you buy your policy you should ask the insurance agent to give you the details regarding the minimum insurance limits.

Whenever you are using a leased car you should always remember that you will be held responsible for any damages that occur during the lease period. You should therefore buy physical damage insurance. This coverage gives you peace of mind since the insurer will pay for any damages that may occur.

It is better to have a single insurance limit rather than having split limits. Just imagine you injure five people in an accident and two require 30000 to cater for medical expenses. This means that if you have 30000 as the insurance limit with a maximum limit of 60000 per accident your insurer only pay for two individuals. You will be required to cater for all the medical expenses of the rest. Always buy a single combined insurance limit.

It is a good idea to have underinsured motorist coverage. This policy will cover you when you cause damages or injuries that are above your minimum insurance limit. You can also buy uninsured motorist coverage.

Before you settle for one insurer you should shop around. This allows you to get auto insurance at discounted rates. If you own multiple cars you can get discounts by insuring them with the same insurance company. Before purchasing from a cheaper insurance company you should look at what is covered. You don’t want to buy cheap car insurance that will not cover most of the damages or medical expenses.

Always buy the highest deductible possible. Having a deductible means that your insurer will repair or replace your car after an accident and you will only pay the deductible. The lower the deductible the higher your premium since your insurance company will pay more to repair your car.

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