Car Insurance With No License Or A Suspended License

There are many reasons why your governing state might suspend a driver’s license. However, depending on the reasons for the suspension of the driver’s license, you still might be able to get an auto insurance coverage for the vehicle.

Some of the reasons for the suspension of the driver’s license are:

  • Charges for reckless driving.
  • Lapse in the auto insurance coverage
  • Driving your vehicle under the influence conviction.
  • Having a lot of unpaid traffic tickets.

It is an illegal act to drive your car with a suspended driver license in most states of U.S. most of insurance providers avoid giving auto insurance coverage to those drivers who their driving licenses have been suspended, but it could be possible to get the insurance with no or suspended license if your reason for the suspension is not that extreme. You can undertake the following procedures to get a car insurance with no or suspended driver’s license;

Apply For The Hardship License

If your license has been suspended, you might be able to contact the department of motor vehicle and request the hardship driver’s license. This move will help you to drive your car at your own time to and from the work place. It is important for you to get a written approval in order for you to get the license from the division of motor vehicles in your state. Such type of licenses will also require some payments of fines or fees to obtain them. After receiving a hardship driver license, you can then contact various car insurance companies and compare their auto insurance rates before selecting the policy that will give you a sufficient coverage at a reasonable rate.

The moment your regular driver’s license is reinstated, you can then contact the insurance company of your car and inform them so that they can change it. If the insurance company will not lower the rates you pay, check around on different websites to find out if there are other insurance companies that can help you in securing a policy which offers a reasonable car insurance coverage rates.

File The SR-22 Form

Filing the SR form will depend on the reason for the suspension of your license. For example if you were caught driving the car without any insurance or convicted of DWI or DUI, you can then ask a representative from the department of motor vehicle about filing the SR-22 form. This form serves as a proof that you have auto insurance. The form will also give a guarantee that you will actually maintain car insurance for specific period.

Contact the auto insurance agent and ask an SR-22 form if all the systems goes well. The agent will then submit the SR-22 form to DOT of your state. Remember also you can submit the form yourself to the DOT and keep the copy of the form for your records. Your driver’s car will likely be restored the moment the department of transportation receives the SR-22 form. It is necessary to keep the required state DOT minimum levels of insurance on the car or truck.

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