Effects Of A DUI On Your Insurance Premiums And Life In General

DUI is an acronym that is used for driving under the influence. Today it is considered as one of the biggest single factors endangering the lives of motorist today.

Statistics are shocking in America alone with an estimated 1.4 million US citizen arrested for DUI every year. In addition, 45 billion dollars worth of damages are recorded every year from DUI crashes. Staggering statistics also reveal that every 30 seconds a person is injured as a result of crash related accidents.

Many people die on a daily basis and some get injured due to driving under influence. It has been shown through research that 68 percent of sober drivers take the blame for accidents whereas 94% of the intoxicated ones are responsible for accidents.

Accidents are not attributed to alcohol alone. Some people have tested positive to other substances such as marijuana and cocaine. Other causes of accidents include talking on the cell phone while driving and lack of sleep.

A DUI has lots of disadvantages including the fact that you might be injured badly, lose your life, or even get arrested and jailed. Its effects are far and wide including affecting the insurance premiums of your car as I will explain below.

Whenever you want to insure a car your driving record plays a key part in determining what you pay for monthly premiums. If your records show that you have been convicted for either driving under influence or driving while intoxicated then your driving history is classified as risky.

Insurers calculate your premium keeping in mind your probability of being involved in an accident and other factors. Plan on large premiums if you driving record shows you cause accidents. Depending on which state you are in driving under the influence is punishable by law. So do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are intoxicated.

Car insurance premiums will always vary depending on various circumstances. If you insure your car under a single driver policy then your insurance will just increase by a slight margin.

A conviction as a result of a DUI requires that you obtain certain special forms such as a SR-22 or FR-19 so that you prove you comply with the government- mandated insurance for your car.

DUIs have lots of consequences and itís up to you as a driver to safeguard your car and your well-being on the road. Be safe!

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