Everything You Need To Know About SR22 Insurance

You need SR 22 insurance if you have been found guilty of driving without liability insurance, or you have violated certain driving offenses. These driving offenses include DUI/DWI, having multiple tickets in a short time, or having a suspended license. The SR 22 is not actually car insurance. It is a document that shows that you have car insurance while you are driving when your license is suspended, or when you need a work permit to drive to work during the license suspension period.

In most cases you will require to have the SR 22 for three years. This means you should have auto insurance at all times during this period. If your insurance is cancelled, or it ends, your insurer will be required to notify the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you are carrying an SR 22 in Illinois you will be required to fulfill your obligations even if you reside in another state. The insurance policy that you buy in the other state must have minimum insurance limits required by the law in Illinois.

If your license is suspended you can get a restricted license. However, you must be able to prove you really need the license. In most cases you will be given a restricted license you can only use to drive to and from work. You will be required to prove you cannot use any other transportation mode to get to your work place.

When applying for SR 22 you should check with your insurance company. If they cannot provide you with one you should visit insurance agents that deal with different companies. When getting the SR 22 you should be sure your insurance company will renew your policy when it expires.

During the period when your SR 22 is active you should avoid any driving offense. This way you can be able to renegotiate the duration that you will need the SR 22. When you have SR 22 your insurance premium may increase.

The premium increases because you are a high risk driver which means that you are more likely to claim from the insurer that other drivers. When buying insurance you should look at the coverage before you append your signature on the cheapest policy. Insurance that covers many things is always better.

During the period when you have an active SR 22 insurance you should avoid being arrested for other criminal or traffic related offenses. By doing this the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles is likely to reduce the duration.

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