Car Insurance Policy for Non-Owners

Very few people know the fact that they can get insurance if they want to drive only for a limited amount of time. In this regard, you should know that there are some special policies you can take advantage of and you can get them from most of the major insurers in your country. The non-owners policy will come handy at such times.

As such, the standard policy can be contracted only one time per year and people also call it an “annual insurance”. Depending on the persons, they will end up paying either an upfront or they might have a credit that they have contracted from a bank for this purpose.

But what if you will want to hire a car and only be insured for that one day? Well, there are also policies in this regard, too. One of them is the daily insurance. But if you need to insure your car for let’s say, 30 days, then you can opt for a monthly insurance.

Also, if you are someone that has a vehicle and it is not yours, then you will need to get a type of insurance that will match your status. The non-owners policy suits here the best. There are many reasons to why you will need it and some of them we will explain below.

Most of the times, people that rent cars are people that don’t usually drive and they will only drive a car when they find themselves in urgency. When you rent a car, getting such an auto policy is mandatory, for if you will be involved in an accident, you will need to shell out a lot of money which is not pleasant when that money comes from your pocket.

What this type of insurance is useful for is that it has pieces that in the traditional insurance policies you will find missing from the agreement contract. If you rent a car and you damage it, thus wrecking the vehicle, you are fully protected for the assets that are damaged and owned by you. Any damage that you might have caused will though be supported by you.

The basic non-owners policy will be of help to you by offering you personal injury protection, liability coverage, coverage for medical payments and also under-insured motorist protection. With such coverage, you will not have to pay but little money for the damages that you will have caused. The cost for such a policy is stacked at $30 to $40 a month, which is a bargain.